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Working Towards Your Goals

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

In order to achieve your goals you need to build upon the last. This means your goals should be continual and collective.

Goals are split into the following:

Immediate Goals – One day to one week

Short Term Goals – One to six months

Midterm Goals – Six months to one year

Long Term Goals – One to three years

Write down your goals for each of the categories above.

Long Term Goals

This should be your starting point as this is the one goal which will be your main target with the other ones assisting you reaching it along the way. This goal is normally set 1-3 years in the future.

Make this dream a big one! After all its not about limits, be realistic but set something outside of your comfort zone. That’s the point of setting goals after all! This is known as your outcome goal.

Mid Term Goals

Set 3 goals which you wish to achieve within 6 months. These goals are known as process goals. They aid your long term goal (outcome goal). These are the goals which are in your control and will increase your chances to accomplish your outcome goal!

Short Term Goals

These are around 1-6 months and feed into your mid term goals. Short term goals being accomplished aid the success of your mid term goals.

Immediate Goals

These are small things you could even work on from day to day. All positive ones which give you good feelings and positivity! They also bring FOCUS!

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