• Fiona Shaw

What Motivates You???


Motivation is one of the most discussed areas in an athletes career and journey. Some question why athletes are not motivated and athletes themselves question why motivation falls and dips.

Motivation is internal and external, they are not static and rise and fall through time.

Through seasons and careers as a whole motivations will change. Despite this there is one thing which remains the same and that is the ability to measure your motivation. To increase it when you need to and to respond to situations when you are finding your motivation levels dip.

One of the myths with motivation is that it can only come from yourself. This is not true for motivation can come from other people and experiences as well as from within.

It is important to remember though that self-motivation is always up to you and within your control. No one else can control how motivated you are except you!

Defining Motivation

Internal - This is associated with participating in sports because you enjoy them. You love what you do and enjoy the thrill of competing. Enjoyment comes from the sport itself, practice, training, technical aspects.

To be successful at higher levels you have to be in love with the process of competing. It has to be rewarding to you in some way otherwise you will not find the motivation to put in the hours of training, hard work and dedication to become successful.

External - This is where you are driven by rewards such as praise, encouragement, trophies, or money. These rewards are motivational, there is no denying that however external motivators need to be used to supplement internal motivation and internal love of your sport. If this is not the case then they become ineffective.

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