• Fiona Shaw

Understanding Your Mental Toughness

Understanding your level of Mental Toughness

Perfection is not easy and takes dedication and commitment. It should however be something which you gradually feel in all aspects of your daily life and not something which is only present in your athletic life.

When your mental toughness is present in your athletic life if will naturally spill into other aspects of your life.

Think of how you may have faced mental toughness and perhaps not even been aware of it. Have you ever …

Battled to come back from injury?

Had to be accountable to a high standard of excellence?

Had to fight when you were not in the best starting position?

Had to work harder at school to achieve better results?

Stand firm on your personal beliefs such as not succumbing to peer pressure?

Say something to another person which was not easy to do?

Answer each question by describing how you showed mental toughness, what allowed you do to so and if you did not what prevented you from doing so?

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