• Fiona Shaw

Stoke that fire... into a bonfire.....

Stoking The Fire

Honesty is a crucial part of understanding YOU!

Why are you playing? What are your goals?

How good are you? What areas need improvement?

Honesty can sometimes be a painful process, however, it is what will lead to honest feedback, understanding your current level and will be the fire which should motivate you to progress and improve.

No one likes to be negative or admit to not being as good as they can be or want to be. However, this honesty is something which will help you to grow bigger and better. Without it you remain stagnant and hinder your self growth both personally and professionally within your sporting career.

Try not to fall into the trap of focusing on ego! Of course there should be a balance of ego and developing skills. Fulfilling your ego is great and everyone loves to feel confident and in control however task orientation will enable you to grow as an athlete and zone in on areas and skills where you are lacking a little something.

Motivation comes easy when you are performing well or training well. With this comes confidence and control. You can control your attitude, your preparation, your lifestyle and decisions. By focusing on these things you will improve and increase your motivation!!

Remember variety is the spice of life and small changes to your routines or training will keep your interest high. Repetition is inevitable however variety prevents boredom and loss of motivation.

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