• Fiona Shaw

Staying Motivated and Mentally Safe

During this awful time of the Covid-19 virus many of us are finding ourselves with many worries. From work, to money and the health of ourselves and our immediate families. We have so much to think about at a time when we have no where to go and no-one to see yet our minds can be consumed with thought after thought after thought....

So how do we keep ourselves mentally strong as well as physically in shape. Well, we can do what we can to limit our time watching the news or reading updates online about the worst cases and numbers. That itself can become overbearing and anxiety can set in.

We can also find ourselves being irritated by the other members of our household. I know because I am guilty of this feeling.... and not ashamed of it either, I am only human too!!!

We are off work and at home yet we are not abroad, on a beach or somewhere sunny, we are in the exact same day to day environment we live the rest of the year and with no escape and suddenly all the things that our family members do become magnified and annoy us.

So lets try to find some space for US, for ourselves, mentally and physically. Why not continue your work outs on a treadmill if you have one, on a turbo trainer or in the garden? We are lucky at the moment for the weather is nice and sunny and a daily injection of some sunshine rays is enough to perk anyone up.

Do some gardening, take yourself away from the people who may be making you feel irritated and stressed and find something therapeutic to do instead. Read that book you have been meaning to, write in your journal, writing can be helpful to express how you are feeling and understand your emotions more clearly, it is something you can look back on too and understand how you coped once this is all over.

In situations like this it is great to be in physical shape but its also great to be aware of your mental status and ensure you are comfortable and coping!! This is not a situation we could ever have prepared for and there is no right or wrong way with riding this out but in small ways we can ensure we come out the other end well!

If anyone needs to talk and have a therapy session please let me know... social distancing does not limit telephone calls, so speak to people, open up, feel connected and be well!!!

We will all be OK!

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