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Setting Goals...

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

If you have landed on my website then you are perhaps already considering your future in sport, your current status in sports and perhaps what your ongoing goals are going to be.

Setting goals is important for any athlete to remain consistent and to keep moving forward and most importantly for achievement.

Motivation is what empowers you to make your goals a reality. Without this motivation or inspiration you will not have any goals and certainly will not achieve them.

Answer these:

How do you measure your level of motivation?

Do they make you want to rush out of bed in the morning?

Do they keep you awake at night unable to sleep because you are thinking about ways to pursue them?

If you do not feel this way then do you need to look at readjusting your goals or setting better ones which push you more?

Some athletes find themselves losing motivation. Has there been a time when this has happened to you?

When a sport is no longer fun then its time to re-evaluate. Think about it like getting into a car and reaching a destination. You know where you are going and you know how to get there but you also know that there will be obstacles which get in the way on route. This may be other cars, traffic jams or even accidents yet during the journey you adjust the journey so you still reach this destination.

The same theory can be applied to your athletic life.

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