• Fiona Shaw

Motivation Levels... where are you???????

Understanding Your Motivation Level

It can be useful to start to monitor your motivation levels by tracking them over time. Begin each practice by asking yourself how motivated you are on a scale of 1-5.

If the numbers stay high then your motivation is steady and high however if you notice dips and more lower numbers creeping into your log then your motivation has dipped and the warning signs are evident.

Remember to be honest when doing this simple task as it will also allow a timeline of your progress of peaks and dips and pinpointing any other areas of your life which may affect you.

By being more aware and in tune with yourself you can understand what things cause you stress or problems.

These can be simple things like fatigue and being generally tired. Remember that all sports require mental and physical input and over time this can lead to exhaustion.

Lack of sleep can also be a factor, travelling can create an imbalance in your daily pattern and lead to this too.

Diet can be another factor, are you eating the correct foods to fuel your body and keep you in shape? High sugar diets can lead to slumps at certain periods and cause you to feel fatigue and suffer a drop in mental alertness.

Fine tuning all of these little details mean you really will be able to pinpoint any issues early before them become real problems and will enable you to keep your motivation levels consistent.

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