• Fiona Shaw

Leaving your goals behind......???

Leaving your goals behind!

Some athletes set goals, however, as the season begins they get caught up on their day to day life or challenges and lose focus on their goals and why they want to achieve them.

The goals wont achieve themselves sitting in the background, they were set and planned and need your attention to bring them to fruition. It may be that they are adjusted throughout your season however they should be revisited at least once per week so that you do not lose sight of what you are working towards.

Focusing too much on ego!

Ego goals can be compared to outcome goals, they hold the glory and dreams we want to achieve and desire. However there are mastery goals which are about improving your skill and performance. Developing these should be key no matter the outcome. Focusing on skills will lead to consistent improvement and even if you are not producing wins you are still being successful and with this success wins will follow.

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