• Fiona Shaw

How Mentally Tough Are you?

Mental toughness is linked to confidence. They work in combination and feed off one another. Having a blockage in one of these areas will affect the other when they are at their lower levels. Improving your toughness will automatically increase your confidence as they work in tandem together.

If you feel mentally tough you will be more likely to put yourself in situations outside your comfort zone and take risks but know that you will be ok because of this confidence which rises to new levels. Even when the outcome is not as you desired your confidence will still be high because your self-belief keeps you motivated and mentally tough.

You may feel fear and it is OK to do so however it won’t prevent you from trying.

Now ask yourself these questions:

How mentally tough do you think you are?

How do you come back from mistakes?

How do you handle difficulties and what strategy do you currently use to come back from them?

How well can you stay focused when the game is on the line?

Note down the answers and then ask these questions to 3 people you know (who will give honest answers and not what you want to hear or what they think you expect to hear) and write down their answers (they can be friends, family, coach)

Accepting feedback is part of self-growth and should be viewed as such. Look at it as a positive task and where you use the feedback to examine your habits or ways and from this can improve yourself and focus on weaknesses you may not even have been aware were present.

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