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Everyday Tasks

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Everyday Tasks

At the start of everyday for the next 30 days make an effort to start the day feeling mentally tough.

Keep a diary of where you put yourself at in that moment 1-10 and write it down, keep a small diary.

Find a cue word which will remind you to focus…. If your cue word is Mental Toughness perhaps find some way to remind your self of this by writing the letters MT somewhere you can see. On your hand, glove, shoe.

This cue being in a visible place will enable you to focus quickly and bring yourself back to this place if you drift out.

At the end of each day or training session start to rate yourself on a level of 1-10 of mental toughness, compare your level from the morning one and start to build a picture of whether it has gone up or down.

Make a note next to each one, details of why there is a slump or an increase and you will begin to understand what is impacting you in a positive or negative way and then we can work to work out how to deal with these in a positive manner.

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