• Fiona Shaw


What a few weeks it has been.... unbelievable really... something from a movie that you only dream of yet it has become all our reality every waking minute of everyday.

So many of you have other things to deal with now other than training or competitions and many competitions are being cancelled left right and centre so how do we cope and how do we move on from this in a positive and constructive way to ensure our training to date does not suffer or fall by the way or keep ourselves healthy for our next competition...

One of the first things we have witnessed is panic... people panic.... the news is on constantly and we are living this nightmare every second... the news is on a never ending loop... the internet and social media feeds are the same and suddenly everyone is an expert on how to cope, how to deal with this, how to prepare plans for medical issues, how to run the country and so on..... switch it off! Some news is great yes but gosh that stuff can become overwhelming to say the least!!!!

No two people are living this the same.... we all have different jobs, different families, different circumstances so for now focus on you!!! What do you need to do to get through this in a stable manner.

Some people lose focus... I myself have done so this week but the weekend will come and I know I will refocus on my own goals for this year, whether they go ahead is another matter but I know what I am doing, I know what I am doing it for and that is what matters. We can all have a relapse.... it is allowed.. it is how we regroup and focus after this that counts!

If you are struggling to make sense of it then look into the mirror and ask yourself what your goal was when you started your path and journey... what was it that you visualized.... ?? At this point in time somethings may have changed, training may be inaccessible, harder to do, or your race or tournament may have been cancelled but it doesn't mean its the end... it just means that there is another path you have to follow to get to what you first envisaged.

All these bumps in the road make us stronger and wen we achieve what we first set out to we appreciate it just that little bit more! You can do it and you can get there! Just not in the smooth path you started out in but nothing in life is easy and easy things are never worth having anyway!!

Stay strong and know that there is always someone to talk to about your training, goals, plans and dreams and this bad time will pass... hopefully as quickly as it came!

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