• Fiona Shaw

Adjusting Goals

Common Problems In Setting Goals

Setting goals is not easy but there are ways to avoid mistakes when you have set them to ensure they are as successful as they can be.

Avoid setting too many goals!

All goals must be motivating but too many at one time causes confusion and your energy levels will become depleted. Instead of cramming your goals full of items which sometimes are not necessary choose the ones which are the most important or relevant to you and your career.

This smaller list will make things more manageable and easier to tick them off one at a time when you achieve them.

This makes it easier to also complete one at a time before moving onto the next.

Failing to set process goals

Setting goals should be fun as well as an important part of your athletic career.

Outcome goals are the “important ones” the ones which excite us and bring us the glory we want. However these cannot be achieved without the inclusion of process goals.

The process is what gets you to the outcome so are AS important, if not MORE important than the outcome goals.

The challenge is to make the goals a reality and defining a path to go down to make this happen. Some athletes may stop setting process goals because they cannot focus on the path of how to get to the outcome or they become overwhelming, however, this focus on the process goal is what will lead to the outcome goal becoming a reality.

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